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What I learnt from helping with a falls reduction pathway

I have recently taken on the role of representing our local practices on the GP Sub-committee of the Area Medical Committee. Having previously helped NHS Highland on mental health projects I, somewhat hesitantly, agreed to represent the committee in designing a pathway to prevent falls in the elderly as part of the new quality and outcome (QoF) process for 2011-12. (more…)


The Difficulty of Measuring Quality

“To date he must have treated well over 100,000 cases. This would seem a ‘good’ record. Would it be less good if he had only treated 10,000? Supposing he is an intelligent but careless doctor – how much must he forfeit from his record for treating one case, ten cases, a hundred cases carelessly? Supposing that he is an intelligent and unusually dedicated doctor, how much must be added to his record? What would his bonus be?”(1)

This quote, from John Berger’s description of an English rural GP working in the 1960s, shows that the struggle to measure quality in General Practice is not new.

How to make best use of 10 minutes with your GP

When I am chatting to friends and family about times they have seen a GP I am often sad to hear that they have not necessarily had a happy experience. I wonder if I would have done any better but it also occurred to me that there might be things patients could do to increase their satisfaction too.