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What is right

Wise words from long ago.

Letter to Prince Frederic-William of Prussia (12th November 1770) – Voltaire

It is true that we don’t really know what a soul is: nobody has ever seen one.  All we know is that the eternal master of nature has given us the ability to think and to know what is right.  And while it’s never been proved that this ability lives on after our death, neither has it been disproved… Amidst such doubts, the wisest course is never to do anything against one’s conscience.  With this secret we can enjoy life, and need fear nothing from death.


Thanks to Joanie Robins of International Futures Forum www.internationalfuturesforum.com for sharing



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  1. Donald Mack said:

    Years ago John Swires French wife recommended Voltaire’s philosophy but I have yet to get down to it! So looking fwd to seeing you, apparently you need to make sure you get right bus at Newcastle. Picking up Freddie tonight. xx

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