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Role of General Practice in Mental Heath

This is the transcript of my talk I was asked to give at SAMH‘s Parliamentary Reception at the Scottish Government on Thursday 15th January, hosted by Malcolm Chisholm MSP with the title “Primary care and mental health: making links.” I was delighted to be followed by Aidan, a service user who described how his GP took on his care on his discharge from the army and worked with him to move from a point of desperation to being an active and creative member of society. She gave the time to explore the issues, sought out his service medical records and referred him to agencies to find the support and treatment he needed. This was not about the GP completing the right questionnaire or ticking the right box but about the mixture of skill and care she showed, described by the RCGP motto “cum scientia caritas”.

Minister, Members, Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is very much my pleasure to speak with you this evening, as Chair of RCGP Scotland, in support of SAMH’s work. I would like to begin by wholeheartedly thanking the organisation’s service users, staff and supporters for inviting me to highlight the role of general practice in this way.


Incorporating Bio-Psychosocial Assessment into GP

This blog was written to support the session to run at the NHS Highland QoF QP event on 19th November 2013 at the Drumossie Hotel

I wish to share a the 5 Areas model as an easy to use resource to structure a GP consultation for a mental health problem. It provides a means to introduce a Cognitive Behavioural  approach and records the details of a holistic, patient focused Bio-psychosocial assessment.

This session was organised in response to concern about meeting these Quality & Outcome Framework (QoF) criteria of the 2013 GMScontract for GP: – (more…)

CBT in General Practice

This blog was written to support the session I run for GP Specialty Trainees in the North of Scotland.

During these sessions I hope participants will: –

  1. Be able to describe a cognitive behavioural model
  2. Know who it may benefit and how to access formal CBT
  3. Develop a framework for diagnosing, assessing and treating commomn mental health problems in GP.