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Dear Sis,

An open letter to my sister Katie Malcolm cajoaling her to make use of social media .

I’m really chuffed you are embarking on a career as an independent Speech and Language Therapist after over 20 years in the NHS. When we spoke on the phone I suggested using social media to help in setting yourself up. I know this is probably not your cup-of-tea but here are a few thoughts about what I meant.

I am sure you have an idea about what you want to achieve, here are a few guesses about what I thought you would want: –

  1. Lots of clients
  2. For colleague to be able to easily get in touch
  3. To be connected to all the latest developments in SLT, locally and nationally
  4. To minimise the outgoings and set up costs
  5. For your work to be able to quickly respond to changes and opportunities
  6. To be part of the SLT community, hopefully an influential part. (more…)

On Twitter

I realise that for many, social media and Twitter will be considered a trivial and needless distraction.  I think it is worth considering and this is why. Contrary to common opinion, I avoid “tweeting” about what I am doing (and will stop following those who do!). For me it has three valuable functions:-


Internet Forums: Realising the Potential



Internet forums (or ‘message boards’) are websites where individual members can exchange views[i].  These may be linked in ‘threads’ on single topics.  Most internet forums require users to join and log in before participating, though some are open to anyone.  There has been interest in using internet forums as a means of sharing information and generating new learning and much of this experience has come from internet-based distance learning courses. Many see them as superior to email as a way of communicating electronically.

In the course of the last two years, two internet forums have been set up that have had a direct impact on my work.  (more…)