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Incorporating Bio-Psychosocial Assessment into GP

This blog was written to support the session to run at the NHS Highland QoF QP event on 19th November 2013 at the Drumossie Hotel

I wish to share a the 5 Areas model as an easy to use resource to structure a GP consultation for a mental health problem. It provides a means to introduce a Cognitive Behavioural  approach and records the details of a holistic, patient focused Bio-psychosocial assessment.

This session was organised in response to concern about meeting these Quality & Outcome Framework (QoF) criteria of the 2013 GMScontract for GP: – (more…)


CBT in General Practice

This blog was written to support the session I run for GP Specialty Trainees in the North of Scotland.

During these sessions I hope participants will: –

  1. Be able to describe a cognitive behavioural model
  2. Know who it may benefit and how to access formal CBT
  3. Develop a framework for diagnosing, assessing and treating commomn mental health problems in GP.


PHQ and the assessment of depression in General Practice

I have just been asked by a colleague for more information on my support for the use of the PHQ-9 depression rating scale in General Practice. Many feel it interferes with the flow of the GP consultation and reduces it to a tick-box exercise. This has been exacerbated by the GMS contract we work to that incentivises its use at diagnosis and at 5-12 weeks of treatment. Here is my response: –