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Quality Governance after QoF

My talk to Pulse Live in Edinburgh on 19th May 2015 when I outlined how RCGP Scotland was proposing to ensure quality and governance of General Practice in Scotland in the 2017 GMS contract for Scotland


Incorporating Bio-Psychosocial Assessment into GP

This blog was written to support the session to run at the NHS Highland QoF QP event on 19th November 2013 at the Drumossie Hotel

I wish to share a the 5 Areas model as an easy to use resource to structure a GP consultation for a mental health problem. It provides a means to introduce a Cognitive Behavioural  approach and records the details of a holistic, patient focused Bio-psychosocial assessment.

This session was organised in response to concern about meeting these Quality & Outcome Framework (QoF) criteria of the 2013 GMScontract for GP: – (more…)

s-GMS : an opportunity

With the increasing divergence of the NHS in England from the model in the other 3 nations there is a reluctant move towards a Scottish General Medical Services(s-GMS) contract for General Practice.

Much debate will rage as to what form this might take but I wanted to get down some thoughts on why it should change and what the needs of stakeholders in the negotiation might be.

Problems with existing (more…)

Dewar 2012 – The Fragility of Remote & Rural Healthcare

Please follow this link to the Mindmap : –

Being here Dewar 2012

Dewar 2012 Being Here v2.1

This mind map came about as I tried to tie together the complexity of the  challenges of  providing sustainable health care in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

I would love to see it grow and expand but I will need help from anyone with an interest or more insights on the subject.

This work is building on the work of the a group that I belong to, celebrating the centenary of the publication of the Dewar Report.

27.7.2012 Thanks for comments on Twitter and Facebook. The Mindmap (v1.3)has been updated with increased emphasis on “Practitioner Isolation” and “Domestic Logistics”. I see recent survey showing Western Isles to be happiest place in UK to live – should there be more about the positives to remote and rural practice? I have also added RPAS as important stakeholders with URL. Keep the comments coming! -Miles

15.8.2012 Updated (2.0) to try and make it a little easier to to visualise. Never going to be easy to capture the complexity with clarity.

9.10.2012 very grateful for the chance to share our enthusiasm for all things Dewar at RCGP conference last week. Lets hope this can lead to some evidence of change soon.

How to make best use of 10 minutes with your GP

When I am chatting to friends and family about times they have seen a GP I am often sad to hear that they have not necessarily had a happy experience. I wonder if I would have done any better but it also occurred to me that there might be things patients could do to increase their satisfaction too.