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Quality at Garscadden Burn

This post arose from an email from Dr Peter Cawston (@petermakeslinks) who wrote a report (Garscadden Burn GP Report 2015-16 ) on how his practice has used freedom from the limitations of the Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) to explore a more holistic and meaningful model of quality for his inner-city deprived patient population.

I am deeply impressed by the drive and committment his practice has shown to develop this. It is clear they have made financial sacrifices as well as a great deal of committment in time to activities that would normally lie outside the remit of  the General Medical Services contract.

At a time when a new model of quality is emerging to replace QOF I find this hugely encouraging. Thank you Peter for allowing me to share.

Read Garscadden Burn Medical Practice 17c Report 2015-16 here.


Internet Forums: Realising the Potential



Internet forums (or ‘message boards’) are websites where individual members can exchange views[i].  These may be linked in ‘threads’ on single topics.  Most internet forums require users to join and log in before participating, though some are open to anyone.  There has been interest in using internet forums as a means of sharing information and generating new learning and much of this experience has come from internet-based distance learning courses. Many see them as superior to email as a way of communicating electronically.

In the course of the last two years, two internet forums have been set up that have had a direct impact on my work.  (more…)