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Murdoch Beaton, Secretary to the “Dewar Report” 1912

Murdoch Beaton MA, TD, ISO*

I am part of a group who is keen to see the centenary of the publication of the Dewar Report commemorated in 2012.

The report detailed the state of medical services in the crofting counties of the Highlands and Islands in exquisite detail and its recommendations led to the formation of the Highlands and Islands Medical Service, the first state funded comprehensive health service and the forerunner of the NHS by 30 years.

The committee was made up of real characters but I was interested to find out more about the secretary to the committee, Murdoch Beaton. I was very grateful to @iGrannie for giving me the contact details of his grandson, Iain Beaton and so this week I headed of to Uig to find out more. I was not disappointed!